You get in life you have the courage to ask for…

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When you ask for something what’s the worst that can actually happen? they say “no,” which is effectively what would happen if you didn’t ask at all.

have the courage

I am a confident and courageous person and this is purely down to my upbringing, I always remember my Nan, Mum and Aunties telling me “it’s always worth your while to ask, no matter where you are, you have nothing to lose…” However, I do understand that not everyone has the courage and self-confidence to be able to always ask for what they want. BUT when you ask, you’re simply requesting some additional value – and that’s your right. The other person has the right to agree or disagree, but you never open the door to that value if you don’t ask to begin with.

Here are a couple of examples, try them and let me know how you get on.

Ask for a lower price at the car dealership. Go in near the end of the month when salesmen are trying to meet their quotas and negotiate hard. Remember, the sticker price is just the starting point.

Ask for a pay rise or flexible working hours. You work hard and add value to your working environment so why not ask your boss for a raise or some flexibility in your schedule. You’ll never know unless you ask.

Ask for soup bones for free at your local butchers. These are normally thrown away by the butchers. Meat bones hold so much flavour and are better than any stock cube out there. Place them in with some chopped meat in a pot of boiling water along with some vegetables. Hello homemade tasty soup.

My life has been laced with opportunities to grow through courage and I’m just getting started. It took courage for me to talk openly about my history with mental health on yesterday’s podcast. Courage propels me—and holds me accountable. Most importantly my courage inspires others to find their own.

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