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Organising and decluttering services

Decluttering and Home Organising

This Girl Can Organise  help you declutter any room in your property

Decluttering is also one of the best things about moving home, it’s the perfect time to streamline your home. We help you declutter and suggest different ways of utilising your personal space.

Overwhelmed by clutter?

Our team of experts provide expert advice and practical help to help you declutter any room in your property.

Streamlining for busy people and homes!

The bespoke and personal streamlining service for busy people.
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Why This Girl Can Organise?

This Girl Can Organise really enjoys sorting, organising and getting things into order and always works with a smile.

TGCO is friendly, patient, supportive, encouraging but can also give clients the push they sometimes need to make decisions.

We understand that there are lots of reasons why people haven’t been able to tackle these tasks themselves, that making decisions about possessions can be difficult, and that emotional attachments to our belongings can be very strong.

TGCO provides a confidential service.

What we offer

  • Decluttering services
  • Home organising
  • Home move streamlining
  • Wardrobe declutter
  • Downsizing
  • Home staging
  • Office organising services
  • Maximising space

“If you do not use it or need it, it’s clutter, and it needs to go!”

personalised decluttering services
declutter organise home service

Nicola came in to declutter and organise my teenage daughter’s bedroom! This is no doubt one of the jobs I dread more than any other! Nicola to the rescue! No teenage strops! No mummy daughter arguments! Nicola knew exactly how to handle the situation. Can’t thank Nicola enough! I’m looking forward to her tackling the next project in my house!

Julia Prichard 
Julia Prichard

Nicola Lewis is the epitome of organisation. Born from a genuine passion for helping, inspiring, caring for and entertaining others. Charismatic and astute, Nicola never fails to dazzle me taking it all in her happy stride.

Hannah Jane Fox 
Hannah Jane Fox

This Girl Can Organise did an amazing job for me and I would recommend them to all my clients & associates. Everyone I dealt with from start to finish was dedicated to making sure that I was happy and that the process was stress free. The whole team was friendly & professional and I will most definitely use them again

Jacqui Lubin (Media Consultant) 
Jacqui Lubin (Media Consultant)

Nicola is definitely the girl that can organise ANYTHING! I work in a very logistical job and I am super organised… a little OCD in my work but I struggle to find the energy to be that organised at home! Nicola really helped to restructure and adapt my way of thinking when tackling a project! Next task… wardrobe clear out!

Stacey Cox 
Stacey Cox

How do I start

This Girl Can Organise performs a free consultation before every session whether the job is big or small. We will start by having a look at the areas you’d like to work on and talk about what you want to achieve.

We will establish how much personal property you’re comfortable having around you, how space is utilised and what you find challenging. We’ll agree what we can achieve in the time available and how involved you want to be in the process.

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Let's work together!

Your initial consultaion is free and can be arranged to suit you! On the Phone, Email or Skype.

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