Linen cupboard organisation


It’s one of those areas which is often overlooked and can become a bit of a dumping station. Here’s some of my top tips which will remove chaos and bring calm to this awkward space.

How many sets do I need ?

First off ask yourself how many bed sets / towels do I use / need? Try to resist hoarding, these items are taking up valuable space inside your cupboards. You only need a maximum of three linen sets per bed and 2/3 towel sets per person. 


If you have piles of linen sets tumbling into one another, invest in some soft baskets to compartmentalise your space. Click here to view the product. Wire baskets are great for visibility and I like using them for toiletries and bulky items like hairdryers and brushes. Click here to view the product.


Labelling is key so you and everyone else in your home know exactly where everything belongs. Click here to view labelling product

Fold or Roll

Organise your linen and towels in a way that makes sense to you and with the space you have.. it can be by type, size or colour. I like to Roll used towels and store them in a basket and fold clean, fresh towels and store them on a shelf. I keep matching bed sets together, inside one of the pillowcases and store them horizontally inside a fabric storage box. Click here to view the product.

Storage ideas

I love to use a variety of baskets for adding extra storage space for toiletries, first aid and travel items. Glass canisters are fab for displaying items like fabric makeup pads and earbuds. Fabric storage bags are ideal for keeping seasonal duvets and pillows damp, dust and moth free. If you’re stuck for space, consider sticking hooks to the inside of your cupboard door for extra hanging storage space. Click here to view the product.


Linen cupboards can get a bit musty if not aired properly so I keep a natural Reed diffuser on the shelf but you can alternatively use lavender bags to keep this space smelling fresh! 

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