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Whatever service you choose, we provide expert advice and practical help to help you declutter any rooms. We help you organise and suggest different ways of utilising your personal space.

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You do not even need to be at the property as you can leave our team to do what they do best, freeing you up to get on with your busy life.

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best decluttering services

We provide expert advice and practical help to help you declutter any rooms. We help you organise and suggest different ways of utilising your personal space.

virtual decluttering services

Declutter and Organise with TGCO online
We will help transform your home and create a beautifully organised, clutter-free space with our virtual sessions.

Bereavement Home services

We understand this is a difficult time and can be very upsetting and stressful. We help you make the process as easy as possible

TGCO also offer a home staging service

Selling your other home? TGCO can help you maximise the profit on your old property.

Home Staging is preparing your property for sale, with the hope of getting its maximum value and highest number of viewings.

This Girl Can Organise can organise and advise on the decluttering and styling of each room, turning the property into a desired, attractive and welcoming home.

What we offer

  • Full clearance service
  • Packing items
  • Storage solutions
  • Property cleaning
  • Friendly advice and support
  • Home staging service

“Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations!”

Home staging property for resale
Bereavement House Clearance service london

We recently downsized from our large family home to a smaller house. Despite getting rid of over 50% of a lifetime of accumulated “stuff”, we still had 552 boxes to unpack which I found completely overwhelming even before we came to move in!

On a friend’s recommendation, I booked 2 helpers from TGCO for 3 days. I can honestly say it was the best decision I made in the whole moving process as well as being the best value for money. Quite apart from being completely fantastic at creating order from the chaos, Jade and Natalie were cheerful, calm and encouraging throughout the horrendous 3 days of boxes arriving. Nothing phased them ( it was 35 degrees the week we moved in) and by the time we reached the end of the 3 days, between us we had pretty much unpacked and sorted the whole house in a way I have never been so organised. It way exceeded my expectations and I cannot recommend them more highly for their professionalism and capable approach to the task. I will definitely be rebooking them to come back when we reorganise our summer/winter clothes. They just took the stress out of the whole ordeal for me for which I shall be forever grateful!

Catherine Clark 
Catherine Clark

Nicola came in to declutter and organise my teenage daughter’s bedroom! This is no doubt one of the jobs I dread more than any other! Nicola to the rescue! No teenage strops! No mummy daughter arguments! Nicola knew exactly how to handle the situation. Can’t thank Nicola enough! I’m looking forward to her tackling the next project in my house!

Julia Prichard 
Julia Prichard

Nicola Lewis is the epitome of organisation. Born from a genuine passion for helping, inspiring, caring for and entertaining others. Charismatic and astute, Nicola never fails to dazzle me taking it all in her happy stride.

Hannah Jane Fox 
Hannah Jane Fox

This Girl Can Organise did an amazing job for me and I would recommend them to all my clients & associates. Everyone I dealt with from start to finish was dedicated to making sure that I was happy and that the process was stress free. The whole team was friendly & professional and I will most definitely use them again

Jacqui Lubin (Media Consultant) 
Jacqui Lubin (Media Consultant)

Nicola is definitely the girl that can organise ANYTHING! I work in a very logistical job and I am super organised… a little OCD in my work but I struggle to find the energy to be that organised at home! Nicola really helped to restructure and adapt my way of thinking when tackling a project! Next task… wardrobe clear out!

Stacey Cox 
Stacey Cox

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