Organise your family’s board games and puzzles

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Declutter your  kids games and puzzles in time for Christmas

Games and Puzzles are great for bringing the family together, switching off from reality and having good old fashioned fun! However, storing them and keeping everything together, in one place tidy, organised can sometime become a challenge. 

Not sure how to organise your board games and puzzles? 

Don’t fear TGCO will teach you how to organise your puzzles and kids games and keep them visible and tidy.

The autumn months are a great time to organise your kids games and puzzles. With Christmas on the horizon it’s always a good idea to see what they have in their space, what they play with and what they don’t care about. It’s important to involve the kids during this process too, maybe they were playing with the items because they couldn’t see them. Involving them in this process will allow you to understand what’s important to them whilst you’ll be teaching them a life skill.

Step one. Gather up your collection.

Start off by gathering up all your board games and puzzles in your home. Put them on a flat surface where everyone can see and then decide what stays and what goes.

Step two – where can I donate my unwanted games and puzzles.

Make sure you review the contents of each game and puzzle box. No one wants to play a game or start off a puzzle only to find out pieces are missing.

Here are some suggestions of places to donate:

* Donate them to your kids classroom or local school. classroom.

* Advertise them on your local free cycle page

* Drop them off to your local charity shop

* Contact a charity organisation like women’s aid or homestart. They can offer these to families who are struggling.

zip bags to help organise

Step three – let’s get organising 

You should now only have the games and puzzles you’re happy with, now it’s time to creative abs create a home for them all. Whenever I think about adding structure to space it’s important to create a functional and practical solution that works for you.

If you want to keep ripped or torn boxes I suggest you use some clear tape and patch up the corners of boxes.  Once repaired simply stack them on top of each other, ideally in height order for an easy low budget solution. 

Clear Storage Box Pack

If you’d prefer something a bit more appealing then consider purchasing slim clear containers (make sure you measure the space before purchasing) to ensure they fit. Empty the contents from the box and cut out the image of the puzzle or game and stick at the front, so everyone can see what’s inside. Click here to view product

*Disclosure: If you make a purchase in this post, TGCO will receive a commission from Amazon Associates.

Zip Lock Bags

Another solution is plastic zipped bags. These sturdy zipped bags come in a wide range of sizes and help kids (and adults too) keep their games and puzzles organised. Simply cut the picture of the game of puzzle and place the contents inside, then recycle the cardboard box.

Click here to view product

*Disclosure: If you make a purchase in this post, TGCO will receive a commission from Amazon Associates.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article, happy organising!

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