Day 2: The Fridge

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It’s Day 2 of TGCO declutter challenge and today’s focus is The Fridge.

Is your fridge freezer still full to brim with seasonal leftovers? For some of you, these items will now not get eaten as you may be on your new year, new me diet, so the cheese, meats and pates will have to go!  Diet or not, today is a good excuse to sort through the contents of your fridge freezer and remove the out of date items, clean and organise back to how you like it.

Once a month, I empty and clean my fridge / freezer. I remove all the contents and place them on the kitchen table. I then remove jars of food that have been opened for more than two weeks, i discard fruit and vegetables that have past their sell by date and general give the entire contents a complete review.

The shelves are then washed down, i’d be lost without my scrub daddy sponge. The scrub daddy is great at removing stubborn marks and stains when used in cold water and softens when used with hot water for general cleaning purposes and getting into tight spaces, it’s a game changer! I like to use natural ingredient and therefore use my own TGCO blend of white vinegar and water to clean the bacteria and smells away.

This process shouldn’t take you longer than 30 minutes to do however, once completed you will be overwhelmed at how satisfying it is to look into a neat, tidy and clean fridge freezer.

Have a great day, TGCO x

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