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TGCO was featured in the The Sun talking about the new trend of cleaning and decluttering. A client of mine had told me I was in the sun newspaper, so whilst driving enroute to another client I stopped off to get some petrol and grab a newspaper, something I hadn’t done in a while. I got a copy, phew! then squealed in the queue after skipping through the pages, ‘Nicola Lewis’ OMG my name and photo!!I was so blinking excited, I even told the cashier before she said any petrol “look, it’s me” she must have thought I was absolutely bonkers! Which I know I am, but wow it felt so so good! After a few hours haha I started to digest what had actually happened and it did make me stop and think, wow, when the established media take note of what’s going on in the wonderful world of social media then you know shizzle is defo happening!

Hope you enjoy the read…

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