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As you may know by now, this girl can organise is a huge fan of decluttering and organising.  However, one thing I have noticed whilst working closely with my clients is the impact decluttering has to their mind and body.

In some cases clutter can cause feelings of stress, fatigue, and depression.  However, by taking small steps and utilising your time you too CAN achieve your goal.

Bathing is a good place to lay back, chill and switch off from the world, I recently came across the amazing Olverum oil and want to tell you all about it.

Olverum is a non greasy oil that you can either drop into your bath or place onto a muslin. Its marketed as a ‘warm, comfortable hug’ relieving tension, stress and sore muscles, this oil is unique, highly concentrated, therapeutic. It contains 10 essential oils and has a gorgeously aromatic, unisex scent.  You only need half a cap to transform your bath into a spa zone, and the smell, wow, its utter perfection, with no greasy residue and takes you straight to a beautiful sunny spring field in provence.

Of late, I have been struggling to sleep, I guess thats down to the pressures and excitement of running a new business.  However, I was blown away that this oil had allowed me to rest, calm my busy mind and actually allow me to sleep.  After trying the product for a few weeks, I can safely say this oil is incredible.

Since using Olverum I haven’t poured anything else into my bath, I mean why would I?


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