Say goodbye 2017!

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As the New Year starts to arrive many of us will be reflecting on the year we’ve had. 

Sadly we can’t change the past and what’s happened, however, new year 2018 is the perfect chance to improve ourselves, our lifestyles by keeping it real! 

TGCO likes to take the decorations down in our home and store away (with the help of Mr OCD) on New Year’s Day  I know it’s very easy to just sling them all back into boxes without paying attention, but try and use this time to sort and store the ones you are going to use at the end of the year (even if you do have a raging hangover) trust me, it will be worth it! Charity shops, homeless shelters and schools will always welcome old decorations, so get the disused items boxed up and placed in your car boot to disperse of asap on 2/1/18.

Tomorrow, TGCO will be starting a 31 day declutter challenge! Each day I’ll motivate and show you ways to clear and tidy all areas of your home.. let’s do this January 

All that’s left for me to say is a huge thank you to you gorgeous lot! I’ve made some wonderful FB friends and received the loveliest DM’s all of which have motivated me to carry on! I started TGCO in April this year, So 2017, I thank you too for allowing me to be ME! Happy New Year everyone, see you on the other side 

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