Save time cleaning your hard floors with the SP600 from Vorwerk

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Do you dread the time spent each week vacuuming everywhere in the home only to spend the exact same amount of time mopping the same floor?

If so, then look no further, Vorwerk have brought out the fabulous SP600. This product is a detachable head that fits onto the KOBOLD VK200 model and then mops and vacuums your hard floors at the same time. Amazing right!!

cleaning your hard floors

TGCO has been using the KOBOLD VK200 for nearly 4 weeks now, and is in love! Its such a well made and stylish vacuum that i don’t want to hide it away, i actually like to show it off when friends and family come over. The SP600 attachment comes with a microfibre cloth which fits to the bottom of the detachable head. Once the machine is switched on, it vibrates to clean the floors and vacuums the same area at the same time! There are different types of cloths available depending on what type of flooring you have and once you’ve used it to clean, you can simply throw in the washing machine and reuse again and again.

The SP600 cleverly holds a small amount of water (260ml to be exact) in a concealed section on the head of the attachment, you then add a tiny amount of the Koboclean cleaning solution and off you go.  Its so easy to use and glides everywhere effortlessly, you can choose the level of water you use too by selecting the three controls on the handle at the top of the machine.

TGCO highly recommends you book a free demo and try this amazing machine out for yourself, it saves so much time, its very efficient and in my opinion is top of the league when it comes to cleaning your floors.

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