Hooray, I only have one sock!

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“Hooray, I only have one sock” said no one EVER.

Most of us have lost a sock or two in our lifetime whilst doing the washing. We generally end up with either a drawer full of single socks, other family members socks or they just simply disappear. I’m absolutely convinced the socks that go missing from the tumble dryer turn into extra Tupperware lids.

Want organised socks? then simply follow TGCO steps and you’ll be cleaning and keeping your socks together,  forever.

  • STEP ONE, Grab a mesh garment bag. I use the mesh laundry bags from brabantia this particular set come as a set of three separate bags, TGCO puts the kids socks in one and ours in the second and use the third for delicate underwear. I purchased mine from John Lewis 
  • STEP TWO, I attach the mesh bags to the side of washing baskets or near your laundry bin with wooden pegs.
  • STEP THREE, Its time to start filling up the bags with all your dirty socks.
  • STEP FOUR, When the bags are close to filling up, I zip the mesh bag and wash all socks on a single load. Once all the socks are cleaned I either place them into the tumble dryer or hang to dry. I then simply pair and roll the matching clean socks together.

How easy is that? Now as for Tupperware lids, that’s a WHOLE new post ha ha.


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