Day 6: Notice Board

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It’s day 6 of TGCO declutter challenge and today its all about the notice board. I like nothing more than sitting down with a cup of coffee on a Saturday morning and scribbling down my shopping list for the week ahead. I start off by transferring dates from my phone to my hard book diary and adding dates to our family notice board.

The notice board or magnet board (whatever one you prefer) is normally home to quite a lot of paperwork. I would suggest you take everything off the board and then sort into the below piles.

  • DISCARD the items you no longer need or have expired. 
  • KEEP important and go to telephone numbers, motivational / funny quotes (to keep you smiling) and receipts for the week ahead.
  • MOVE and file paid bills, photos and kids drawings. This job should take you max 15 minutes to do and will be sooooooo satisfying to look at once done.

Now I bet your thinking, I have a iPhone with a calendar app and life is good. I agree and they make modern life more manageable however, here’s a couple of reasons why you should have a planner on the wall and insight.

  • Wall Planners Rarely Break, Get Stolen or Refuse to Cooperate.
  • The Satisfaction of Ticking, Crossing Out and Wiping Clean is immense.
  • The Psychology of Writing vs. Typing, the pen wins for me.

Personally, I feel we spend so much of our time on devices that much of what we do becomes automated. This results in forgetting or failing to consciously compute what we have just done.

My husband finds the notice board an essential tool to his day to day life management, he works in a creative environment but suffers with Dyslexia. The wall planner is not something he spends half of his day sat in front of, but once in sight he automatically feels calmer and happier visualising what is there.

Hope this helped and good luck!


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