How to pack your holiday shoes by using the free stuff!

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How do you pack your holiday shoes?

The holiday is sadly over and you’re faced with the horrid task of packing all your belongings back into the suitcases. Whilst you’re folding and doing your best to get everything back inside, you start to also notice how dusty and dirty all the holiday shoes actually are!

Normally, you might go to wrap your shoes in either a damp, sandy beach towel or maybe a plastic bag from the local tourist market. TGCO has a fabulous tip thats going to change just about everything.

Head off to your bathroom in the hotel room and start using the free stuff! Grab yourself a shower cap and place your shoes or sandals neatly inside and thats it.

This is a fantastic way of keep your shoes neatly together whilst protecting your case and clothes from all the dust and sand.  Move over hot chocolate sachets, hello shower caps.

Happy packing love TGCO x

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