Happy New Year! – Day 1 Declutter Challenge

Organising, Storage

Welcome to Day 1 of TGCO Decluttering Challenge!

This Challenge will run for 31 days and I hope you find each task do-able and helpful as a springboard for getting rid of your clutter!

Christmas stuff – Traditionally Christmas decorations are taken down before the 12th night (which is the 6th January) 🎄TGCO however likes to make a start on 1st January.

Personally I feel it’s a great way to start the new year off clean, tidy and focused for the year ahead! I place everything into containers or Christmas storage bags ready to be labelled and then placed back into our loft.

This year I am parting with a few items as we’ve had them a few years, so will be donating them to a charity or whoever would like them by the end of this week. I then tend to get all hands on deck and clean the house ✨My challenge today is for you all is to do your best (with or without a hangover 😬) sort, purge,organise and store away all or some of your Christmas decs. 

Now, nobody likes untangling balls of Christmas lights at the beginning of every season, or having to put away a massive clump once the holidays are over. Some of us go to hide or even throw 😬their Christmas lights out or in the loft at the end of the year to avoid the mess and stress of detangling. However, they can be re-used for years if stored correctly. Wrapping your Christmas lights around a slim fabric hanger (like this one purchased from http://www.primark.co.uk ) will keep them organised until next year. Place your wrapped light hanger in a plastic container or hang in a dry place to preserve your lights for many Christmases to come!

Good Luck Love TGCO x

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