Do you enjoy packing for a holiday?

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Lets be honest folks, do you actually enjoy packing for a holiday?

For some this process is nothing short of a challenge, it can either bring you out in tears or cause an anxiety attack.  If you’re a last minute / in a dash packer you’ll be grabbing all your favourites and throwing what you can into the case and before you know it you have 4 weeks worth of clothes and shoes for a 2 night city break!

Personally, there is nothing TGCO likes more than planning for an upcoming holiday and it has been known for me to start this process at least 8 weeks before travel day. I love choosing the clothes, the shoes and the accessories whilst planning what colours will suit me best depending on what i am doing, where i am visiting and how the tan evolves.

So thought id write about a fabulous tip I learnt from my mother in the hope it may benefit yourself and bring some calm to this dreaded task.

Firstly, you need to grab yourself a mini clothes rail.  I purchased mine from ARGOS a couple of years ago as needed something that could easily be packed away, and this mini rail was just the perfect item, no clutter allowed at TGCO HQ.  The clothes rail allows you to hang your outfits and coordinate your shoes, jewellery and accessories with ease. This process allows you to pack in confidence knowing exactly what outfits you’re taking away with you whilst keeping your luggage weight and blood pressure down when it comes to checking into the dreaded luggage allowance.

Hope this tip helps with any future holiday packing.

Happy travels, TGCO x

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