Why Decluttering is good for your health!

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Laundry to wash, meals to prepare, paperwork to organise! No wonder some of us feel overwhelmed when faced with the endless ‘to do’ lists of life. Just walking through the door and looking at the sheer amount of stuff in your home can sometimes make you feel tired, anxious or overwhelmed. Decluttering is sometimes the last thing we think of until its too late and the pile of later need to be tackled NOW!

As you may know by now, TGCO is a huge fan of decluttering and organising, but one thing I have noticed whilst working closely with my clients is the impact decluttering has to their mental health. Clutter can cause feelings of stress, fatigue, and depression however, by taking small steps you CAN achieve your goal with the help go TGCO.

Start off by getting the mood right, sounds a bit dramatic but trust me it works. Light your favourite candle, put on music that makes you smile, make a cup of tea and grab yourself a notepad and pen. Now its time for the fun to really commence, start off by writing what you’d like to declutter from each room (If you feel you need someone to help you then call in a family member or a friend, feeling supported will benefit this process immensely) Then set aside 30 minutes a day to declutter and start to tick off those jobs off your list, remember 1 tick is better than no ticks.

By using this method you’ll feel a sense of achievement, control and satisfaction knowing you are gaining order in your home.  You’ll feel motivated to move onto the next stage/room and decluttering will soon become a pleasure rather than a chore.

Spring has sprung but decluttering can mean more than just cleaning out cupboards and taking items to the charity shop. Decluttering will refresh your home, mind and overall well-being.

Life coach @helenmcmillancoach confirmed to TGCO “Once you’ve got a taste of what life is like without clutter depleting your mental and physical energy, you may find it prompts some bigger reflections on work and life. The majority of my clients want a spring overhaul as they transition into the new season, as they start to take charge of the clutter around them, this is a powerful first step”.

So remember, it’s important for everyone to know that decluttering does gives you more time for yourself, your family and does help to a healthier and more balanced you.


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