Day 8: Cookbook declutter challenge

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Having a cookbook collection is great, for lots of reasons – you’ve always got something new to try, you’ve got great references for your favourite recipes and you can always page through for dinner inspiration when you’re stuck.

In the U.K. we are obsessed with watching food TV programmes and of course, then we simply have to buy the book…question is, do we ever use the cookbook more than once when it’s home? hmmm….

I’ve been on a anti book buying binge for a few years now, simply as I have my favourites (Nigella Lawson and Gordon Ramsey) and don’t like to clutter up my bookcase. However, I did receive a couple of new healthy eating cookbooks this Christmas which I was very happy about and now need to make room for them.

So, todays challenge is for you all to review, purge and Organise your cookbooks! Go on, don’t let them get the BETTER of you…

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