Day 31: TGCO Declutter challenge

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TGCO Decluttering challenge – It’s Day 31 and I’m beyond excited, (it feels like NYE all over again!) we got through January everybody 

Today’s challenge is a super easy one and doesn’t involve baskets, containers, cleaning products or trips to the charity shop. Today I would like you to sit down with a cuppa and reflect on what you’ve achieved this month. Did these challenges motivate or inspire you? What have you learnt about clutter? Would you do this challenge again? Has Decluttering helped with your mental wellbeing? Are you ready to take on February with the same mindset? TGCO would love to know your thoughts.  This particular challenge highlighted some keys pointers for me:

Helping and coaching others means everything to me

January can be fun!

Decluttering can be emotional, take small steps and you’ll get there in the end

Jan has a lot of grey days however, TGCO likes to spread rainbows and music to keep you all smiling.

Instagram is a lovely place and I’m very grateful for every like and follow. Here’s to a Fabulous February!

Thanks for reading

Love TGCO x

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