Day 10: Under the Sink/cleaning products

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Hands up who loves cleaning? Do you love buying cleaning supplies every time you shop? Are you finding you’re running out of space storing them all at home? If the answer to all of the above is YES, then you’re gonna love Day 10 of TGCO Declutter challenge.

Cleaning products, no home is complete without the sprays, liquids and gels that whiten, brighten, and sanitise our homes. However, have you looked at your cleaning supplies area lately? Really looked at it..chances are this area is full to the bream with products galore. The reason for this is simple, if we can’t see it we won’t know what’s actually inside the cupboard or drawer, so we just simply end up purchasing duplicate products over and over again…

Today’s challenge is a great opportunity to pull everything out of your cupboards, purge and organise. I always recommend to clients placing your products into clear or low-level containers to house your supplies. I then place them all into relevant categories dishwasher, kitchen, bathroom, general household etc…

Keeping a tidy cleaning cupboard is a key component of a simplified and decluttered home. If you organise your cleaning supplies in a different manner then TGCO would love to know your tips!

Have a great day!


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