Upcycle your Juice Plastic Bottles to Cereal Containers….

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When it comes to recycling in your home, do you ever think ‘I wonder if i could reuse/upcycle this product again?’

TGCO does her best to upcycle as much plastic in our home where possible, and always thinks before throwing the plastic food/drink containers away. For example, lets use these http://www.innocentdrinks.co.uk juice plastic bottles! Did you know they make handy cereal containers for your kitchen cupboards….no really, they do!

I simply clean and remove the labelling (obviously after drinking the juice) and then write with a non-permanent marker the name of the cereal and exp date and that’s it!

You gain a lot more space in your kitchen cupboards and more importantly, you have saved a product from going to landfill and given this bottle a purpose in your home! Plus you can then reuse these bottles again and again….

Try it out for yourselves…



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