Day 4: Kids bedrooms

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It’s day 4 of TGCO decluttering challenge and today’s topic is Kids bedrooms.

The kids are back at school after the christmas holidays and all of sudden, parents are thrusted back into the routine of juggling home, work and the dreaded school run. TGCO will show you ways to remove clutter and improve the inside of your kids wardrobes, drawers and homework areas.

decluttering Kids bedrooms
  • Kids wardrobes

You’ll definitely feel like you’re a step ahead of the game when you organise the kids school clothes for the entire week. Firstly start of by creating hanger labels and pre selected outfits for each day of the week.  This will encourage your little fashionista to get dressed independently in the morning  and will prevent you and them from rooting through the drawers and laundry baskets in the morning. This tip helps prevent chaos to every parents morning madness.

  • Hair Bows, Bands and Brushes

Little girls bows, bands and brushes can soon take over any bedroom or home.  TGCO recommends you collating them all together and putting them into a clear medium sized shoe box.  This will create a visible home for these pretty accessories and will also encourage your child to tidy up and put their items away.

  • Underwear Drawer

Keeping children drawers tidy is a challenge in itself. Start off by emptying the contents of their drawers to your child’s bed. Then sort them into piles of underwear, socks, tights, vests, pjs, leggings and t-shirts. Discard the items that have seen better days, are too small and less not forget the odd sock party! One thing you must remember is to be ruthless, does your daughter really need 25 pairs of tights or does your son need 30 pairs of pants. Remember remove the items that don’t spark smiles! You should now have smaller pile and it’s now time to put these items back in their home. TGCO likes to use drawer dividers click here I find these particular dividers work and fit nicely into most cupboard drawers and are reasonably priced too.

  • Homework 

Pencils, papers and folders oh my! Cut down on clutter by setting up a homework station for your kids. Stock an area in their bedroom with the supplies they’ll need to burn through homework without having to break to hunt for an eraser, highlighter or calculator. I like to use old food jars for pencil/pen containers and use plastic folders to organise the kids weekly homework/paperwork.

Remember to take your time and take one step at time.

Good Luck, TGCO x

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