Downloadable Declutter Checklist


Download this great PDF to help you organise your decluttering.

The Declutter Checklist: This downloadable PDF planner is a guide that will inspire, encourage and motivate you to declutter your home and life.

Decluttering gives you more time for yourself and your family and leads to a healthier and more balanced you. It has an enormous impact on your emotional wellbeing and outlook and can make all the difference in your life.

I created this checklist so you can action this challenge on a weekly basis by printing it out for the weeks you need, making it achievable and fun to complete.

Starting small is better than not starting at all.

Set yourself realistic targets and allocate a time frame that works for you and your daily routine.

Applying this TGCO method will allow you to tick more off your list, making you feel good about yourself and the progress you’re making. You’ll be back in control loving your new tidy spaces.

Keep the items that make you smile and discard the ones that don’t. It’s that simple...

Below is an example of how you can incorporate this declutter list into your own home/office with a few ideas what to add.

declutter checklist planner download

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